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Weatherproof Enclosure Build System Assembly

For many years, Holin's connector department has focused on research and development.
we specializing in the assembly and production of various types of waterproof connector assemblies.

By integrating Holin's Pressing, Plastic Injection, PCB-Soldering and Insert-Molding Techniques.
We support Total Solutions for our clients, including out-source relating components and materials ,
PCB Soldering, end products assembly and or installation For example,
Customized Weatherproof Junction Box with built-in RJ45 Connector provides flexibility and function for Ethernet system and Wi-Fi connection needs.

Via the QA/QC departments as well as testing equipment, we do a lot of accurate testing before delivery,
For example, electrical testing, visual testing for pin positions, shaking testing,
high voltage and etc.
Holin's product quality is approved and supported by many domestic
and oversea clients.