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Plastic Injection

We offer Plastic and Rubber Products Design , Mold Develop, Production & Assemblies.
At our plant, we produce Molded Cable Assemblies, using different types of connectors and electronic or computer interface cables, to match customer designs. Our in-house injection molding capabilities help us to Over-Mold assemblies from any Plastic or Rubber material. The injection-molding unit at our facility is dedicated for over molding electronic cable assemblies to meet customer requirements.

Plastic Molded Injection

Material Ranges including PUR, PVC, ABS, NYLON + GF, Low Pressure Injection and other Plastic.

Rubber Molded Injection

Custom molded rubber inserts, vacuum encapsulation, and molded on
rubber connectors are produced in Holin's Molding Department ,
Material Ranges including EPDM, NBR, SBR, VITON, NR, PU, PVC,
SILICONE and other Synthetic Rubber.