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HTP Asia Technology Co., Ltd. (HOLIN-TECH) is a leading manufacturer and supplier speciallized in Development and Manufacturer of High Quality Harsh Environment/Waterproof Connectors, Customized Cable Assemblies and Accessories.

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HOLIN offers high quality harsh environment/waterproof connectors, customized overmolded cable assemblies and accessories. Our waterproof connectors are RoHS compliant connectors.


Our IP66~68 Rating, RoHS Compliant Connector Series have been widely used for Electronic Interconnection, Signal/Data Networking, Automation Industry, Marine Field, Security Surveillance and Outdoor Lighting around the World. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

Yachts/ Boats Lighting System
The lighting system keeps the yacht safe for day and night water excursions. In addition, the system can display your location at night or in fog to alert other nearby ships.
GPS Equipment
The GPS ship dynamic positioning system provides the current position and detailed information of the ships on the ocean. By continuously updating and drawing the current position, it provides the driving route, status, and destination orientation, etc., so as to prevent the sailors from deviating from the channel.
Marine radar is one of the important navigation components for safety at sea and ashore, which can keep ships sailing at sea at an appropriate distance and give early warning of the risk of collision.
Sonar System
The sonar system can carry out various underwater detection and transmit information back to the receiver on the ship. In addition to measuring the water depth and underwater terrain profile, it can also find fish, assess their quantity, and monitor the trend. It is also an important equipment for fishery development.
Battery Management System
In addition to monitoring the current state of the battery, the battery management system can also transmit a warning signal to the display panel when the battery is low or abnormal, and can extend the battery life by intelligent charging.
IP Camera for Motorways
The IP camera can take pictures in real time and convert it into a video stream and transmit it through the network. The remote monitor can instantly understand the traffic flow and speed information of the vehicle.
Outdoor Displays
Outdoor display can present dynamic message, real-time traffic information and warnings to passersby.
GPS for Public Transport
GPS Using satellite navigation to determine the current location of their transport, combined with an outdoor signage, the estimated time of arrival can be displayed to passengers.
Train Communication System
Train communication system enables the connection between trains and railway equipment for the purpose of managing traffic and more precise control.
Fish Counters
Fish counters are automatic devices for measuring the number of fish passing along the river within a period of time.
Water Quality Sensor
The Water Quality Sensor monitors the oxygen content, pH, conductivity,ammonia ions, water temperature and other values in the water through the water quality sensor, so as to achieve intelligent control.
Liquid Fertilizer Sprayers
Liquid Fertilizer Sprayers agricultural sprayers are commonly used in chemical solvent spraying equipment for crops, vegetation or soil. In order to achieve the effects of pest control, fertilization, etc.
Auto-feeding Machine
The Auto-feeding Machine can arrange the feeding time and schedule the regular and quantitative head feeding, so as to reduce the working time and limitation of feeding and the energy cost related to feeding, and provide a good feed storage environment.
Metal Detector
Metal detectors can be used to detect metal objects in the surrounding environment or underground.
Earthquake Monitoring Station
Earthquake Monitoring Station provides accurate and timely earthquake information.
Sewer Inspection Camera
Sewer Inspection Camera for instant transmission of sewer environment.
Weather Station
Weather Station measures temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and precipitation...etc. to provide accurate and real-time reference data for weather forecasting.
Electronic Assistive Device
Electronic assistive devices are devices that improve or enhance human performance. Many people with disabilities rely on assistive devices to perform daily activities while collecting usage data for medical reference.
Electric Mobility Scooter
Electric Mobility Scooter is a wheelchair-like mobility aid that uses an electric motor instead of a traditional engine to drive the vehicle, which can assist the mobility of the handicapped.
Medical Display Device
Medical Display Device is a screen that displays medical monitoring data and visualizes the data.
Human Machine Interface
Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the interface between the operator and the machine. It enables the operator to receive system status, alarms, and other related information through display methods of text, images, numbers, etc.
Robotic Arms
The programmed robotic arm can achieve the contents of picking, placing, handling, etc. through the motion of rotation and displacement, and at the same time, it can replace manual labor.
Sensor is an integral part of real-time control application, it can measure a physical quantity and translate it into an electrical signal so that it can be used in a control system. There is a wide variety of sensor applications.
Packaging Machinery
Packaging machinery for automated packaging processes such as filling, sealing, labelling, etc.
Data Communication System
Data Communication System is a communication channel for data communication transmission and reception, usually a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint information transmission system.
Sand Blaster Machine
Sand Blaster Machine is a device that sprays abrasive material at high speed against an object under high pressure to change the surface texture.
Industrial Digital Printer
Industrial digital printer is a device that prints ink onto a substrate, and presents pictures, barcodes, and text on the substrate for identification and recording purposes in subsequent applications.
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